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Hatchery Vandalized 20,000 Fall Chinook Salmon Pre-Smolt Killed!

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Hatchery Vandalized 20,000 Fall Chinook Salmon Pre-Smolt Killed!

Sometime during the Sunday night of April 21st or early morning hours of Monday morning vandals broke into the GRWB STEP hatchery facility. They destroyed or damaged several door locks and broke into the salmon food storage room. They then took a gallon of bleach and poured it into rearing tank number 5 killing all 20,000 Fall Chinook Salmon Pre-smolt that were being raised there. The crime was discovered Monday morning when a STEP volunteer arrived to feed the pre-smolt.

Below: Dead Fall Chinook Salmon Pre-Smolt cover the bottom of their rearing tank

On Wednesday, April 24th STEP volunteers began the arduous task of removing the dead fish and cleaning the tank.

All dead fish had to be captured and put in plastic totes. They could not be dumped on the ground or in STEP Creek. Siphon hoses were used to suck dead fish and water from the tank.

Oregon State Police, Douglas County Sheriff, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife are investigating the break-in and killing of the fish. When found, the perpetrators should be prosecuted for a very serious crime against Oregon wildlife.