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First Spawning 2022

Salmon Trout Enhancement Programs

First Spawning 2022

October 26th …

Freshly trapped brood stock were brought in from Winchester Bay and added to the fish already in the holding pond.

Individual fish are sorted for sex and spawning ripeness. Those not ripe yet are returned to the holding pond to continue maturing.

Fish selected for spawning are euthanized and brought to the hatchery house for spawning.

Eggs are gathered from females and held in one clean bucket. This mixes the genes from all the females. After all eggs are gathered, they are separated equally into individual containers. Each container is fertilized with sperm taken from one individual male. Again, this insures a mixing of the gene pool.

Fertilized eggs are rinsed to clean from of any foreign substances, blood and left-over embryonic fluids. This substitutes for the eggs being rinsed by running water from the spawning stream.

The fertilized eggs are placed in “Redd Zone” freshwater incubators to develop and hatch. Once hatched, the “Fry” are moved to rearing ponds to develop to “pre-smolt”.